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Bringing Fortune 500 marketing expertise to small & medium sized enterprises.

WSI is the world's largest network of digital marketing professionals and spans the globe. I consult with small-to medium-sized businesses and help them to maximize revenue using best-in-class digital solutions.

I don't have a "rate card" or pre-packaged digital advertising campaigns; my process leverages extensive research of your current digital landscape that then informs the development of a tailor-made strategy that will give you a significant advantage over your competition. I truly value the experience of strategically partnering with like-minded, passionate individuals who truly care about their business and their customers.

Recently, I created a comprehensive digital blueprint that helps breweries and distilleries increase foot traffic into their tasting rooms, and grow their direct to consumer (DTC) sales. With the emergence of COVID, I've also created a strategy to connect local tourism operators with "driving distance" travelers and impulse shoppers who are looking to experience memorable - and safe - adventures.

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